It is widely accepted that "modern man" has existed on this earth for about 50,000 years. Recently, in an excavation, was found a human skeleton dating back about 70,000 years. With the skeleton was found numerous shells, each with a tinny hole. Scientists concluded that the shells had been worn as a necklace and that this primitive skeleton was considered "modern man". Beyond the skeletal make-up, what made this being "modern man" was the ornamental necklace that demonstrated this being was concerned about what "others" thought of him.

I find this curiously fascinating, this outward looking caring, that defines us as "modern man". Within our DNA lies the seed that feeds our desire (to use a very modern word) for "bling". Our lifestyle is all honed around what we want "others" to think about us. Our home, our clothes, our car, you name it, we all reach out to individualize ourselves so others will think we are unique, and we all are, unique.

Universal Brass Inc. has always spoke of uniqueness through it's products, realizing that whoever acquires them is doing so out of pride of ownership or who they are. When you read literature produced by this company, you will find a constant intuitive thread speaking to this "caring".

Some quotes from their web pages read, "make your car say what you feel"; "your car is the best way to advertise who you are"; "express a unique identity, after all you're human".

Don't you feel a lot better now, knowing why you buy all those things?